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IAP2 Canada November-December Newsletter

2018 may well have been one of the most active and exciting years for IAP2 Canada! Membership hit its highest level yet -- over 750. The year started off with the first IAP2 Skills Symposium, we hosted the most well-attended North American Conference yet, made more inroads into the far North, and closed the year by launching another training initiative, the Taster Series. In this issue, you’ll find:

2018 pourrait bien être l’une des années les plus actives et les plus intéressantes pour l’AIP2 Canada! Nous avons atteint un nombre record de membres, soit plus de 750. L’année s’est amorcée avec la tenue du premier Symposium des compétences de l’AIP2 et s’est poursuivie avec la tenue de la Conférence nord-américaine, qui a enregistré le plus haut taux de participation jusqu’à présent. Nous avons réalisé plusieurs autres avancées, pour terminer l’année avec le lancement d’une nouvelle initiative de formation : la Série Découverte. Cette édition comprend :

FEATURES - New president Sarah Rivest, giving us a taste of the year to come. More congrats for a Core Values Award winner. We’ll meet one of our CP3s (Certified Public Participation Practitioner), Jessica Bratty

EVENTS - The next IAP2 Canada Skills Symposium -- March in Gatineau/Ottawa; Two Webinar Rewinds -- How to Build P2 into Your Organization & the first of our Victoria Encores; the Training Taster Series and; Save the Date for the next IAP2 North American Conference -- next September in Charlotte, NC

CHAPTER NEWS - IAP2 BC reaches North of 60; A proud moment in the Steel City

INTERESTING LINKS - includes a bit of levity on trying to bring all sides to the table on road-sharing

Now, read on …



Sarah RivestHello et bonjour Friends and mes collègues! I wanted to start by thanking our IAP2 Canada Committees for submitting action plans and budgets for 2019, which the board requests each November.

We have ongoing action plans from Bilingualism, Certification, Communications and Marketing, our Communities of Practice (Indigenous Inclusion and Energy), Professional Development and Training, Strategic Relationships and Research. At our November board meeting we will review all of the documents and vote on the decision items, so it’s a full meeting with no shortage of discussion. In the next President's message, I’m looking forward to reporting back on the good work planned for 2019.


Congratulations to the City of Edmonton, winners of the 2018 IAP2 Federation Core Values Award for Organization of the Year! Read the news release here.

City of Edmonton's Corey Segin (middle-left), City of Edmonton Director of Public Engagement, and Coun. Ben Henderson receive the award from IAP2 Australasia Chair Donna Marshall (left) and Mandi Davidson, IAP2A Deputy Chair.

Corey Segin (middle-left), City of Edmonton Director of Public Engagement, and Coun. Ben Henderson receive the award from IAP2 Australasia Chair Donna Marshall (left) and Mandi Davidson, IAP2A Deputy Chair.

Read about all of this year’s IAP2 Canada Core Values Award winners online, and find out about other winning projects around the world in the IAP2 2018 Showcase.

MEET A MEMBER Jessica Bratty, CP3

Principle Confluence Solutions Consulting

What turned me onto P2 was the recognition that engagement and decision-making is at the root of a lot of the public policy and sustainability challenges in our world today. And because I do a lot of work with Indigenous partners and being aware of evolving case law and the need to respect Aboriginal rights, I find that my work tends towards the “collaborating” and “empowering” end of the spectrum.


Five fun and intensive days of P2
the IAP2 Canada Skills Symposium returns!

It’s proven already to be one of the more popular learning opportunities: the IAP2 Canada Skills Symposium (over 95% of those surveyed after the 2018 Symposium said it was a worthwhile use of their time AND they would recommend the courses they took to others). What they said:

  • “Excellent trainer … made an effort to provide examples and case studies from the areas where we all work …”
  • “I felt very comfortable contributing and asking questions, which adds to the value of the course for me”
  • “... helped me to think outside the box …”
  • “[tailored] the course to student needs and [built] confidence in my own practice …”
  • “I will begin to use these tools as soon as I get back to my workplace”

Five days in Gatineau/Ottawa, with courses designed to broaden your scope and expand your P2 toolkit OR a chance to start or complete the Foundations course; all, in the company of other P2 practitioners. But don’t delay! There’s limited space for the classes and the deadline to get the early-bird rates is January 18, 2019.

Cinq journées de P2 intensives et divertissantes
le Symposium des compétences de l’AIP2 Canada est de retour!

Le Symposium des compétences est devenu l’une des occasions de formation les plus appréciées (plus de 95 % des participants interrogés à la suite du Symposium de 2018 ont affirmé que ce fut un investissement rentable de leur temps ET qu’ils recommanderaient les cours qu’ils ont suivis à d’autres personnes).

Voici quelques exemples de commentaires recueillis :

  • « Excellent formateur... s’est efforcé de fournir des exemples et des études de cas adaptés aux secteurs dans lesquels nous travaillons tous… »
  • « Je me suis senti très à l’aise d’apporter ma contribution et de poser des questions, ce qui, à mes yeux, apporte une valeur ajoutée à ce cours. »
  • « … m’a aidée à sortir des sentiers battus… »
  • « [a adapté] le cours aux besoins des étudiants et [m’a donné] confiance en ma façon de pratiquer la P2… »
  • « Je commencerai à utiliser ces outils dès mon retour au travail. »

Cinq jours à Gatineau/Ottawa, des cours conçus pour élargir votre champ d’action et enrichir votre trousse de compétences en P2 OU l’occasion de commencer ou de terminer la formation Foundations, le tout entouré de collègues du domaine de la P2. Mais ne tardez pas! Le nombre de participants pour chaque cours est limité, et les tarifs pour inscription anticipée sont uniquement en vigueur jusqu’au 18 janvier! Obtenez de plus amples renseignements ici.

READY TO STEP UP? Join a committee for the 2019 IAP2 North American Conference!

Are you a highly motivated person who would like to be involved in developing and implementing a successful IAP2 North American Conference?

The 2019 IAP2 North American Conference will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, September 4 - 6, 2019, and here’s your opportunity to help set the tone on the Program Committee. You don’t have to be based in the USA! You’ll help ensure a great program, from the Call for Submissions and through to the selection of session presenters. IAP2 USA staff is responsible for the implementation.

Interested? Check out each role description and submit your application by November 29, 2018.


Don’t forget to save that date -- Sept. 4 - 6 2019!

Interested in presenting a session? Watch for the Call for Submissions, going out in the New Year!

Webinar Rewind –
"Building P2 Into Your Organization"
October 2018

It’s a fact that people are demanding a voice in matters that concern them in increasing numbers. It’s also a fact that organizations are playing catch-up in that department. Our October webinar featured two organizations that are setting a standard in entrenching public participation in their makeup: the City of Edmonton and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA).

The City of Edmonton won the 2018 IAP2 Canada Core Values Award for Organization of the Year, as well as the IAP2 Federation Organization of the Year award. IAP2 Monthly Learning webinars are available exclusively to IAP2 Canada members. Click here to watch the webinar and see others.

Webinar Rewind –
Victoria Encore: “Prevent Truth Decay”
November 2018

“What is our role in protecting Truth?” was the presenting question in our November webinar, in which Sam Imperati and Devin Howington reprised a successful presentation from the IAP2 North American Conference in Victoria.

Webinar On-Deck:
December - Digital Engagement Roundtable
December 11, 2018

Coming up in December, it’s our annual look at digital tools for engagement -- what’s hot, what’s cooling off, what the trends are for the next year. Join our panel -- Colin Ellis of Bang the Table, Patrick Gregoire of Borealis, Anna Hauskins from Social Pinpoint and Joseph Thornley and Marcelo Bursztein of 76engage -- December 11 at 11am PST.

January 2019 - "Diversity & Inclusion in P2"
January 8, 2019

How do you engage people from a variety of walks of life in your P2 projects? Here’s a chance to learn from two large projects that embraced that opportunity. Our January 8th webinar features the Core Values Award winners from Canada and the USA in “Respect for Diversity, Inclusion and Culture”. The City of Surrey, BC, is one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in BC’s Lower Mainland, with a broad diversity of ethnicities and cultures. Reviewing and updating its Parks, Recreation and Culture Strategy was a large task, which succeeded in addressing the needs -- including those of culture, demographics and accessibility. In Oregon, TriMet set out to expand its public transportation infrastructure in the Portland area, and much of the plans involved communities with historically underrepresented populations. The process succeeded in addressing the unique cultural, ethnic and linguistic aspects along the proposed routes.

Monthly webinars are recorded and are available as a member benefit for IAP2 Canada members. Check out the page here.


We were excited to announce the IAP2 Tasters earlier this year, and we’re even more excited to tell you that they have been a major hit! These 45-minute mini-courses, based on longer offerings by our trainers, are opportunities for you to “taste and see” what the course is about, make comments, interact, and come away with some tools and techniques you can put to use right away.

Both October’s Taster -- “Brave, Honest Conversations - What They Are and How to Have Them”, with Stephani Roy McCallum -- and the November offering -- “Facilitation Agility” with Dr Rebecca Sutherns -- have received glowing reviews from those who attended, coming from Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand, so you don’t want to miss the next one!

Tasters are another benefit exclusive to IAP2 members, and you can watch them online.

Stephani Roy McCallumComing up in January, Stephani is back with “Why Are These People Yelling At Me? -- Understanding Outrage and Opposition” -- Friday, Jan. 25 at 11 am PST. Are your projects failing to move forward because of public opposition? Are you faced with an angry public at meetings? Is decision-making stalled because of polarized viewpoints?

Continuing to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result isn’t helping. It’s time to understand what is triggering the outrage and opposition so you can work with it, address it and find new ways of moving forward.

Teneya GwinOn Thursday, Feb. 21, Teneya Gwin and Anne Harding present “Reconciliation and P2”. Through its 94 Calls to Action, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission offered a roadmap to Canadians on the way forward to a more inclusive, productive, and engaged society. Anne HardingSo where do public participation professionals and the practice of P2 fit in this reconciliation journey? Join Teneya and Anne to explore the intersection between reconciliation and public participation and advance your own reconciliation journey in the process.


Quotable Quotes  

Have you come across a quote, aphorism or statement of pith and moment that P2 colleagues could relate to? Send it to us at info@iap2canada.ca.

Chapter News:  

Reaching ‘way up north with BC!
Diving Deep into P2 messy-ness on the Prairies!
One more Core Values Award to present in Great Lakes!

Interesting Links!  

Interesting Links

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