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COVID-19 Resources

Access COVID-19 Resources

The following resources has been gathered to support P2 practitioners and supporters of P2, which is in no way exhaustive! The following is for you to use at your own discretion, knowing that they are not an endorsement by IAP2 Canada.

Do you have a resource to add to the list? Please reach out to us through email, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, and we’ll add them to the list. As a community we can come together and support each other through this.

IAP2 Webinars

In March 2020, IAP2 Canada and IAP2 USA held a series of webinars on adaptive technologies and P2. The video recordings of these sessions have been made available for free:

Embracing Technology for P2: March 24, 2020

This presentation tackles the question “should we be engaging and if so, when?”  The presenters also offered suggestions and key considerations for how to select from the many digital tools available to support all levels of participation across the IAP2 spectrum. The session closes with some ideas on how to best design and support interactive engagement taking place online. 

Presenters: Kim Hyshka, Principal, Dialogue Partners; Chrystiane Mallaley, Vice-President, Hill+Knowlton Strategies; and Michael Sauvé, Senior Account Director, Hill+Knowlton 

Public Participation Technology in a Time of Social Distancing: March 24 2020

This presentation shares key principles for digital engagement and explores today's engagement challenges and options for responses, including innovations by the Salt Lake City municipal engagement team. The critical consideration of the digital divide is explored, including some approaches to inclusive engagement. Finally, the presentation gives some guidance through the sharing of tools and tips for digital public participation.

Presenters: Susanna Haas Lyons, digital engagement specialist,  and Elizabeth Buehler, Civic Engagement Manager, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Participation publique en temps de confinement : les technologies à la rescousse ?, March 25 2020

Presenters: Jacques Bénard and Michael Sauvé of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, and Camille Montreuil and Cédric Bourgeois of Transfert Environnement.

COVID-19, P2 and Managing With The “New Reality”: March 31, 2020

Presenters: Deanna Desedas (San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency), Miranda Eng (Argyle Public Relations), Elliot Gauthier (Hill + Knowlton Strategies) and Cathy Smith (Partner/Communications Cityworks & past President of IAP2 USA)

Webinaire spéciale

-- Comment mettre à profit les nouvelles technologies dans les démarches de participation publique. 

Quatre experts sur la participation publique et les technologies numériques partagent leurs connaissances de cet aspect du métier. Les animateurs/animatrices: Camille Montreuil et Cédric Bourgeois (Transfert environnement et société), et Jacques Bénard et Michael Sauvé de Hill+Knowlton. Animatrice: Raphaëlle Aubin, AIP2 Canada

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