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The landscape of public participation is changing. Rapid developments in technology, the rampant economic and political changes across the globe, widespread use of social media, and a decline in public trust have created new challenges for governments, organisations, and institutions. Add to that the growing desire of citizens to participate in building the democratic architecture of their countries and communities, and it is obvious that a proven framework for public participation has never been more essential!

People want and need to be engaged as decisions are made. Those of us managing community engagement and public participation processes must ensure that it happens in a respectful, positive, and effective way that creates the best possible outcomes for all concerned. That’s where we come in.

IAP2 has set the bar for public engagement with practical tools and methodologies that transcend national and cultural boundaries. As part of our mission, we have been at the cutting edge of public participation training world-wide. Now, working with experienced IAP2 practitioners, we have streamlined and refined our highly-regarded and innovative training materials for this new challenging climate.

Foundations Certificate versus Certification

Upon completing the 5-day, 2-module Foundations in Public Participation training, a Foundations certificate of completion is issued from IAP2. The completion of Foundations is also the first step towards becoming a Certified Public Participation Professional (CP3).

The Professional Certification Program (CP3) is a new professional designation available to IAP2 members. Certification proves, through independent assessment, that you have demonstrated the basic knowledge and skills required to perform the role of a public participation (P2) professional. The designation Certified Public Participation Professional (CP3) is the assurance that you meet a set of internationally-recognized criteria. Credentials are awarded upon completion of a three-step assessment based on Five Core Competencies developed through a membership consultation process.

Licensed Delivery Partners

IAP2 Canada delivers training for its courses by partnering with licensed delivery partners. To register for a course being held by our delivery partners, please contact them directly with any inquiries or to register.

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