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IAP2 Training (Canadian Trainers Collective): Strategies for Dealing with Opposition and Outrage in P2 (formerly Emotion, Outrage & P2) - Calgary AB

  • 16 Nov 2017
  • (MST)
  • 17 Nov 2017
  • (MST)
  • Calgary, AB

The world has changed since IAP2 first rolled out the EOP2 course a few years ago. Global polls find people are more suspicious and distrustful of large institutions, including government, business, media and even large non-governmental organizations. Angry people can’t represent their interests very well in participatory processes, and ignoring their emotions isn’t productive.

IAP2 has expanded and refreshed the course material and renamed it Strategies for Dealing with Opposition and Outrage in Public Participation with the intention of better meeting today’s practitioners’ needs for information and skill building. This 2-day session will help people understand the human behavior and emotional intelligence of working with angry and cynical people and why doing so is foundational to the P2 practice.

Find out more -- and register -- here.

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