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2019 Skills Symposium: Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Concept or Commitment?

  • 22 Mar 2019
  • 35 Laurier St, Gatineau, QC J8X 4E9, Canada
  • 19


  • For members of the IAP2 Affiliates or IAP2 Federation International Associates.


Whether throughout a national reconciliation process, during human security strategies and public interest interventions, or following a negative, conflict-ridden, or divisive incident, moving forward requires an individual and collective turning from the past.  Individuals and their communities often become ‘stuck’ in a traumatic memory, rendering them unable to heal, engage in a trustful dialogue, participate in change, and move forward. 

Fortunately, an ethos for modern politics based on restorative justice is emerging, capable of revealing and addressing the multiplicity of wounds that social injustices leave behind. We see Forgiveness and Reconciliation (F & R) as essential strategies of this new ethos to address anger, pain, entrenchment and violence in communities (building on the IAP2 workshop on Opposition and Outrage) and enabling the effective delivery of P2 co-creative processes.   

F & R is based on the knowledge that forgiveness can be learned and embraced by 

individuals and communities.  By nurturing the ability to forgive, people restore their dignity and agency, turn the narrative away from retaliation, and free themselves to move forward, with their communities.  F & R is NOT a religious experience, rather it is based in a widely endorsed pedagogy of care that has been used in 21 countries by more than 2 million people and recognized by the UNESCO Education for Peace Prize (Paris, 2006).

The workshop will introduce IAP2 practitioners to the methodology of the Schools of Forgiveness and Reconciliation, focused on harnessing the potential of F & R via plenary and smaller ‘trust’ groups (full program is 12 modules over 50 hours).  The results are individuals and communities that are empowered to heal their wounds, regain control of their emotions, and embrace change, all with a commitment to trust, respect and collaboration - key factors in the effective delivery of P2 processes.

Course Outline

The trainers:

Lorna Lemay has been a member of IAP2 and a P2 practitioner for more years than she cares to admit!  She was responsible for establishing the stakeholder engagement programs at Canadian Blood Services that rebuilt trust after the tainted blood tragedy.  She has done extensive international work in Australia, the U.K. and the U.S. She has been a trainer, designer, and facilitator for many projects across not-for-profit organizations, federal government departments, and the business community.  She is the founder of a children’s charity, called the Chance Foundation, member of the Board of the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution, the *new* ForGiving ForRestoring Canada and President of LL Concord and Consultation Services Inc.

Daniel Markus is a board member at Foundation for Reconciliation Mexico, Fundación Don Bosco and now ForGiving ForRestoring Canada, Daniel has promoted training workshops and developed community-based programs for non-violence, forgiveness, and social reconciliation processes. He holds a Third Party Neutral certificate from the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution, a MA in Conflict Studies from Saint-Paul University, and a MA in Human Development from Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico. But even more, he holds the conviction that our human spirit can be restored to find peace, hope and joy again, even after unspeakable violence and trauma.

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