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Great Lakes Chapter: Networking Event

  • 06 Jun 2012
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Burlington, ON
Location: La Costa Nuova, 421 Brant St.; Burlington, ON phone: 905 634 7421; www.lacosta.ca

Networking 101 - Fredelle Brief
What are you all about?  What are you looking for when you network?  Stay positive.  These are some themes we’ll explore in our ½ hour power networking session.
“City of Burlington Community Engagement Charter”
The City’s recently adopted strategic plan, “Building Our Future” includes direction to achieve excellence in government.  Burlington has embarked on a process to develop a community engagement charter or a ‘social agreement' that defines the commitment of the city, its staff and council, to conduct ‘good' public involvement activities in municipal processes such as: strategic planning; roads projects; environmental assessments; budget consultations; voter turnout programs; and, community development projects.
Ensuring that the Charter has strength can be achieved through endorsement by City Council, and potentially, its adoption as a city policy. Development of the Community Engagement Charter is also dependent on citizens and stakeholders setting specific engagement objectives, providing ideas, and undertaking review of the Charter as it is developed and implemented.
Christine Iamonaco, the City’s Public Involvement Coordinator, will share her experiences so far leading the charter development process.  They are tackling this large challenge through in person and virtual consultation.  Here about the tools, challenges and insights.  Share your ideas and approaches in this interactive session.

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