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Civicus World Assembly 2012

  • 03 Sep 2012
  • 07 Sep 2012
  • Montreal, Quebec

The CIVICUS World Assembly serves as a primary venue for civil society practitioners, researchers, activists, concerned business leaders and representatives from governments to share ideas and experiences on strengthening citizen participation.

The World Assembly’s main objective is to create a space where a diversity of voices can be heard, a space to exchange experiences, challenges, successes and dreams and, most importantly, concrete ideas for a more equitable and just world. One of the World Assembly’s strengths is its ability to act as a forum where groups from all sectors around the world develop successful models for advancing national, regional and global agendas, and for finding solutions to the crises that the world is facing today.

The CIVICUS World Assembly has previously been hosted in Mexico, Hungary, the Philippines, Canada, Botswana and Scotland. The CIVICUS Board made the decision to annualise the event in 2006, privileging a three-year cycle in one venue. In addition to reducing the logistical burden of organising a major international event, this annualisation allows CIVICUS to focus more intensively on the programme contents, the promotion of the event and on ensuring widespread participation.

The Institut du Nouveau Monde (INM) successfully bid to host the CIVICUS World Assembly in Montréal, Québec for the period 2010-2012.


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