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(Delaney & Associates) Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation (Calgary)

  • 10 Oct 2013
  • 11 Oct 2013
  • Calgary
Delaney and Associates Inc. now offers the course
Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation.
This two-day course combines the best of outrage
management and public participation and aims
to enhance public participation practice, in the
face of emotion or outrage. It is presented by
Mr. John Godec, a public participation veteran of
over 20 years, understudy of Dr. Peter Sandman,
and co-developer of the course. (See John’s
bio under Your IAP2 Licensed Trainers.)
The Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation
course is based on the work of Dr. Peter Sandman
and is combined with the International Association
for Public Participation’s (IAP2) core concepts for
meaningful and effective public participation. The
course engages adult education principles and
uses a variety of instructional techniques, including
case studies, video clips, public participation
tools and techniques, personal reflection, group
discussion and application activities. It helps
people think about emotion and plan for it, in
order to yield quality public participation outcomes
where communities are emotional or outraged
and, therefore, not yet at the place where they can
participate fully in a public engagement process.

During this two-day course, you will discover:
• Six practical strategies for managing outrage
• New behaviours you can apply immediately
• A new way of thinking about, and analyzing, outrage
• Ideas to plan and implement public participation
projects where people are outraged.

Please check the IAP2 Canada events calendar for a complete list of dates and locations.

Register four easy ways:
EMAIL- valerie@rmdelaney.com
MAIL- 1735 Bellechasse Place, Ottawa, Ontario, K1C 6W4
CALL- 613.837.5890
FAX- 613.837.2806

For prices, course information and registration forms, please VIEW THE BROCHURE (PDF).

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