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LEVEL 2For those who are familiar with the topic and want to learn more. The level does not relate to your experience or expertise in P2, but to your experience in the particular topic.

Our LEVEL 2 courses:

  • IAP2's Foundations in Public Participation: Planning for an Effective Public Participation (Module 1)
  • IAP2's Foundations in Public Participation: Techniques for an Effective Public Participation (Module 2)
  • IAP2's Strategies for Dealing with Emotion and Outrage in Public Participation
  • Designing Public Engagement for the Tired and Distracted
  • Design Effective Hybrid Public Engagement Events
  • Engagement Methods for Indigenous Cultural Contexts
  • Facilitating Collaborative Decision-Making
  • Hone your Digital Facilitation Skills
  • Indigenous Inclusion: Putting the TRC calls into action
  • Online Public Participation: How to design & host effective public engagement
  • Techniques for Brainstorming & Idea Generation
  • Techniques for High Emotion & Controversy
  • The Hybrid Public Engagement Leader
  • The Vital Role of Communications in Effective Engagement
  • En français : La consultation en mode hybride, la nouvelle norme? Un laboratoire humain!

CALENDAR - Level 2 courses