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2022 IAP2 NAC

Welcome to the 2022 IAP2 North American Conference

Connect with purpose, to life!

The 2022 IAP2 North American Conference (NAC) in Banff, Alberta from September 14 - 16, 2022 offered a unique opportunity to meet, communicate and collaborate with other P2 specialists and champions from across Canada. Our diverse community of professionals, citizens, academics, and decision-makers are committed to involving the public in decisions that affect them. As the pre-eminent organization for public participation and public engagement in Canada, our conference offers a unique opportunity to meet, communicate with and share stories with other P2 practitioners and champions from across Canada.

Our theme this year was “Connecting with Purpose”: connecting through differences; connecting to achieve diverse representation; connecting with Indigenous ways of knowing; connecting through the screen; connecting with the P2 community.

Now On-Demand! Digital Experience 2022 IAP2 NAC

Missed the in-person event? You can still access more than 35 sessions at your own pace through our 2022 Digital Experience! The conference sessions were recorded and have been made available to registrants through our virtual hub. All Digital Conference attendees will receive access to the recorded conference sessions so they can enjoy them at their own pace until the end of the day on Sept 10, 2023, just prior to the 2023 IAP2 North American Conference.

Get ready to expand your skillset, gain insights and spark inspiration in your public participation and engagement practice. View the list of sessions

Free Webinar - Digital Engagement Strategies for a Divided Room

How can digital and hybrid approaches support engagement when participants are polarized? We have all learned that power, privilege, and the inability to understand one another’s perspectives are key challenges for engagement today.

Risk-averse organizations might turn away from public engagement for fear of contentious online discourse, or lean into highly controlled digital strategies with flat surveys and limited conversation spaces; but many are leaning into the challenge to build digital and hybrid engagement spaces that are dynamic, equity-minded, welcoming, and creative.

Hear from experienced digital engagement practitioners about strategies and tools for bringing diverse voices into conversations and offering opportunities for consensus, while supporting safer/welcoming spaces for a divided public.

This free webinar is brought to you by:

Technology Lead Sponsor

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Why You Should Join Us For the Digital Experience

Be Inspired

Be inspired as P2 leaders, innovators, and pioneers share their expertise, insight, and advice and open your eyes to fresh perspectives.

Advance Your Career

Stay relevant and informed on best practices, critical topics, and innovations in the world of P2.

Find Solutions

Gain access to the latest companies, tools, services, and technologies to help shape the future of your organization.

Meet Our Keynotes

These dynamic social champions offer unique perspectives on important topics. Get ready to return to work inspired and re-energized!

Shalini Sinha

Change-Maker, Activist & Academic

Founder, Inclusiv

Steve Mesler

Former Olympian & Co-Founder of Classroom Champions

CEO, Classroom Champions

Our Pre-Conference Field Trip Experiences

Attendees discovered a unique cultural learning experience and a glimpse of “pre-contact” customs in what is now called Alberta.

Nakoda Îtipi and Ryder Style Craft from Eden Valley in the Stoney Nakoda First Nation shared two pre-conference workshops: a tipi-raising in the morning and a tipi-lowering in the afternoon. You can choose to attend the morning or afternoon, and there is no pre-requisite to attend either session. They experienced teepee teachings and Star Knowledge, based on an ancient concept known to early man: “As above, So below”, and which were, for a time, outlawed by the Canadian federal government.

The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity's Land Acknowledgment

We acknowledge, with deep respect and gratitude, our home on the side of Sacred Buffalo Guardian Mountain, in the beautiful and special territory of Treaty 7. We recognize the past, present, and future generations of Stoney Nakoda, Blackfoot, Tsuut’ina Nations, and Métis from Region 3, who help us steward this land, as well as honour and celebrate this place.

2022 NAC Digital Experience - Sessions

The following conference sessions were recorded and have been made available to registrants through our virtual hub:

  • A Decolonized Approach to Community Engagement in a Municipal Planning Process
  • Addressing Historic Inequities in Texas Housing Investments through Strategic Engagement and Analyzing Root Causes of Inequities
  • Breaking Down Barriers to Bolster Youth Voices
  • Building a Shared Decision-making Model Grounded in Indigenous Values
  • Co-Design and Evaluation at Work: Disrupting Stigma and Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through Illustrated Storytelling and Dialogue
  • Community Connectors-in-Residence: Building Power, Raising Voices, and Elevating the Experiences and Priorities of Communities of Color
  • Credentials Matter! Invest in YOU! IAP2 Professional Certification.”
  • Cultivating Safe Spaces in P2: Lessons Learned from the Classroom
  • DEI? Yes! But what the heck is intersectionality? How Applying an Intersectional Lens to P2 Projects Helps Us Live IAP2 Values More Fully
  • Engagement Tips and Bingo
  • Explorons ensemble 10 techniques de p2 préférées des citoyens / Let's try out 10 favourite citizen public participation techniques (bilingual)
  • Fight Different: The Power of Focal Thinking in Systemic Conflicts
  • Forensic Analysis of Hybrid Facilitation Engagements – Lessons from the Trenches
  • Hello. হ্যালো. வணக்கம். 你好. Engaging Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Neighbourhoods
  • How Can a City Help Businesses During Construction? Embedding Economic Justice into Municipal Infrastructure Projects
  • How can community engagement address hate crimes and incidents?
  • How to Change a City - Closing Lunch
  • I don’t have a TikTok— what now?

  • IAP2 Makeover with Isabella GiaVulva 'The Engagement Drag Queen'
  • Know Yourself, Know Your Audience: Leadership Skills for Productive Conversations
  • Les femmes ne participent pas. C’est parce qu’elles ne sont pas intéressées… Mais encore!
  • Many Pathways Lead to Stronger Relationships: EPCOR’s Indigenous Engagement Journey
  • No One is Listening! Ottawa Trucker Occupation 2022
  • Nothing About Us, Without Us: Applying an Equity Lens to Climate Change Engagement
  • Opening Keynote: Maximizing Impact: Tap into The 3 T's to Build Great Teams and Organizations
  • Opening Remarks
  • Pause and Pivot: Challenges & Lessons Learned from Alberta Health Services
  • Playful Planning: How to Gamify Public Engagement
  • Reimagining Traditional Strategic Planning: Using Co-design to Engage Diverse Voices in a Digital-first Context
  • Showing Up: A Behavioural Insights Approach
  • Tear Down the Open House: “Youth-ifying” Engagement
  • The Next Step for Lottery-Selected Citizen Panels: Equity-Driven Design
  • Uncovering the ‘So What’ of Public and Patient Engagement: How to Evaluate the Impact of Engagement Using the Engage with Impact Toolkit
  • Value Creation in P2
  • What Do Your Online Participants Really Want? Choice Architecture and Purposeful Design Provide the Foundation for Meaningful Input
  • What’s Your Story: Exploring Storytelling as an Engagement Technique
  • When Equitable Engagement Gets Pushback

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