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IAP2 Canada Board of Directors 2011-2012 

 From Employer
 Public Engagement Experience
Amelia Shaw
 Vancouver, BC Amelia Shaw Consulting
  • BC Perspective / representation
  • IAP2 Canada Interim Board
Vice-President; Collaboration and Outreach


Karla Reesor

Calgary, AB  National Energy
Board – Land Matters

Consultant – Moving
Forward Ltd.
  • Over 10 years national experience and
  • Facilitator, mediator, coach

Ian McCallum
Ottawa, ON Dialogue Partners INC.– Managing Associate
  • Engagement planning and policy writing, and online engagement
  • Collaboration with communities including Community Associations, organized labour and faith cultural groups
Gale Simpson
Calgary, AB
gWhiz Consulting – President
  • Many projects – lots transportation related
Federation Board Representative  
Noreen Rude
Calgary, AB City of Calgary – Manager, Engagement & Communication Partner Services
  • Municipal Government
  • Community relations facility president - led public consultation
  • 3-1-1 consultation with Canadian Municipalities
Federation Board Representative
Geoff Wilson
Halifax, NS
Capital Health – Sr. Citizen Engagement
Strategy Advisor
  • IAP2 Board member since 2009, currently President
  • IAP2 Core Values Award winner Project of the
    year (2008)
  • Health & public sector
Membership and Chapter Liason

Anne Harding

Calgary, AB Suncor – Stakeholder & Aboriginal
Relations Senior Advisor

Forum Stakeholder
Relations – owner
  • Natural resources sector
  • Aboriginal / cross-cultural relations

Krista Maydew
Barrie, ON AMEC
  • Socio-economic research
  • Labour force development
  • Facilitating / instructing
  • Aboriginal & northern communities
Technology Coordinator
Tiffany Skomro
Winnipeg, MB
City of Winnipeg – Water & Waste – Public Consultation & Research
  • Wastewater, Water & Garbage, Recycling, Organics
  • Municipal Government
  • Social media

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