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IAP2 Training - Foundations for Public Participation

Does this sound like you:

  • You are implementing public engagement but not getting the results you hope for.
  • You are doing what your organization has always done, but community members are asking for more.
  • The same people show up every time.
  • You aren’t sure if you are getting value from your public engagement activities.
  • You know there are better or improved ways to do things, but you aren’t sure how to start with new approaches.
  • You want to implement a “meaningful” engagement process, but aren’t sure what that will look like.
  • Decision-makers see the public engagement process as separate from the (more important) technical requirements of the project.
  • You have lots of experience implementing public engagement, but want to expand your approach with some rigor, consistency and follow international best practices.
Licensed IAP2 trainers have years of experience in a wide variety of sectors and situations, and are highly skilled practitioners who can support you to build your skills, knowledge and tools to implement public engagment – all in a highly participatory and experiential adult learning environment.

Really great public engagement takes planning, effort and care. IAP2 has taken international best practices and approaches that have been tested and tried, and put them together into a 2 module, 5 day program; IAP2 Foundations for Public Participation (an updated and renamed version of the Certificate training). For more information check out the Foundations Brochure

Completion of the Foundations course is a prerequisite for IAP2 Professional Certification.

To find out when training sessions are coming up, visit the "Events and Training" calendar to see dates and locations in the upcoming months. You can also talk to a licensed trainer about tailoring the Foundations program to meet your or your organization's specific needs. You'll find a complete list of Foundations trainers worldwide here.

Remember: good decisions don’t just happen. They take planning and effort. Learn to apply IAP2’s approach to public participation in your very next process.

(Thanks to Stephani Roy McCallum for providing this introduction to IAP2 Training.)

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