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FREE WEBINARS - Released from the Archives!

These webinars have been released from the archives and are now free to the general public! 

Webinar highlights from previous years

June 2017 Learning Webinar

Facilitation Matters 

Designing a P2 process is one thing; being able to run meetings and other events where people are exchanging ideas is a different, but not unrelated, skill. Rebecca Sutherns and Kate Bishop discuss why facilitation matters in a P2 setting.

December 2016 Learning Webinar

Social Media & P2

In the 2016 edition of IAP2's annual discussion on social media and online engagement, longtime practitioner and trainer Susanna Haas Lyons explores case studies and answers questions about digital engagement.

November 2016 Learning Webinar

Organizations and Research Project of the Year (2016 Core Values Awards)

At the 2016 IAP2 Core Values Awards, health care dominated the honours. Canada's Organization of the Year was the British Columbia Ministry of Health, for its "Patients as Partners" program. This involved a shift in thinking from doctors as "experts" and patients as "consumers" and giving patients more of a voice when it came to their care.

In the USA, the city of Hillsboro, Oregon, just west of Portland, won the award, for engaging the public in creating a vision for the city over the next 20 years and charting a course to get there. The city is growing rapidly and the demographics are changing, so it was necessary to plan with questions in mind, such as "How is the growth managed?" and "How do we welcome newcomers from different ethnic and social backgrounds?"

Also on the webinar: the winners of the USA Research Project of the Year. The Jefferson Center and the Maxwell School at Syracuse University teamed up with "Clearing the Error", another health-care-themed project. To that point, some 10% of diagnoses were found to be incorrect, inaccurate and/or improperly communicated to the patients, so this project aimed to find the reasons for that and help patients and medical facilities and practitioners to work together to improve that rate.

August 2016 Learning Webinar

White Papers: Conflict Management & Evaluating P2 

In 2016, IAP2 Canada's Research Committee commissioned and released two White Papers. In this webinar, Kate Nelischer, author of "Conflict Management and Public Participation" and Karen Zypchyn, who wrote "Challenges and Advancement in Evaluating P2", discuss their findings.

January 2014 Learning Webinar

Retrospective and Hope

A look back on 2013 and ahead to the next 12 months.

February 2014 Learning Webinar

The State of P2 Research

The first report from the IAP2 Canada Research Committee on the state of research in the profession.

May 2013 Learning Webinar

Youth Engagement

A discussion, with case studies, of efforts to bring young people into the conversation on issues that affect them.

November 2013 Learning Webinar

Beyond Online Engagement

One of the earliest discussions of digital consultation processes.

December 2013 

Managing Meeting Disruptions

Lewis Michaelson on handling difficult situations.

May 2012 Learning Webinar

Building Cross Sector Collaborations on a Foundation of IAP2 Core Values

From May 2012, Anne Harding discusses the way the IAP2 Core Values figure in setting up partnerships between sectors. It's about working together towards a common goal.

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