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Our vision: 

"IAP2 Canada Prairies Chapter is the leader in our region advocating for the practice of public participation. We aspire to engage P2 practitioners and communications professionals throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northern Ontario by supporting the delivery of professional training, networking events and learning opportunities."   

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The IAP2 Skills Symposium is coming to the Prairies!
May 4-8, 2020

Regina, SK

The IAP2 Prairies Chapter is thrilled to be hosting the IAP2 Canada Skills Symposium in Regina, SK on May 4 to 8, 2020!

Make plans to join us for an empowering five days of learning new tools and techniques in the company of like-minded public participation colleagues.   

Symposium registration rates are $325/day for members and $375/day for non-members - please add $50/day for IAP2 Foundations courses and Strategies for Dealing with Opposition and Outrage in Public Participation.

Registration is now open and early bird rates are in effect until March 3, 2020.  Visit IAP2 Canada to register.

The symposium is taking place at the Double Tree in Regina; room rates are $148.00 per night (+ taxes).   Book early! 

Symposium offerings include:  

  • IAP2 Foundations: Planning and Techniques (5 days): Hit the ground running armed with the knowledge and confidence you need to plan and execute effective initiatives for any area in which you may be working. This course is divided into two modules, each focusing on one of the two major phases of public participation, planning (3 days)  and techniques (2 days). Upon completion of both modules, you will receive a certificate of completion from IAP2.
  • IAP2 Strategies for Dealing with Opposition and Outrage in Public Participation (2 days): This two-day training course combines the work of risk communication expert Dr. Peter Sandman with the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) core concepts for meaningful and effective public participation and stakeholder engagement. In these challenging times you need strategies and behaviours to work together more effectively with communities and stakeholders are outraged. This two-day course is recommended for seasoned practitioners who have practical experience working with the public. The workshop is practical, hands-on and participatory with a mix of video, lecture and group exercises.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Creating, Facilitating and Managing a Citizens' Committee (French or English): A committee that is set-up and managed according to best practices can create a rich space for dialogue and exchanges, and also help a project’s social acceptability. On the other hand, an ad hoc citizen committee can waste people's time or even interfere with the process. Based on hands-on experiences and practical tips, this course will use group discussions and activities to teach you how to create, facilitate, lead and manage a citizen committee.
  • Social Social Media and P2: Online tools can reach new participants and enable different kinds of conversation. But, it’s an emerging field and there is still much trial and error, so this course will give you a leg up by examining what’s worked and what’s failed. This interactive course will teach you to create social media campaigns that gather input creatively, enable collaborative online interactions, and sustain participation over time. You'll also learn how to use social media for participant recruitment, and how to integrate mobile communication into your participation strategy.
  • Evaluating Public Participation: In this hands-on course, you will apply foundational tools like logic models, examine the differences between process and impact evaluation, and review the components of an evaluation plan. You will craft evaluation questions, and identify indicators and sources of information to help you answer those questions. Above all, you will learn how to employ evaluative thinking as a learning strategy, in order to strengthen your work and achieve greater impact.
  • Large-Scale Public Participation Techniques: Engages with three popular methods for large-scale, dialogue-based public participation on public policy issues: the 21st-Century Town Hall, Deliberative Polling, and Citizen Juries. Each process helps participants learn about an issue, create space for in-depth deliberation and generate detailed feedback on public policy options. Participants will also explore, and apply to their own work, key ingredients of large-scale processes, including developing discussion content and questions, as well as outreach strategies that involve large numbers of diverse participants.
  • Indigenous Inclusion: Putting the TRC Calls into Action: . This course offers foundational knowledge, real-life examples, and dynamic problem-solving for individuals working to advance Indigenous inclusion within their professional and personal communities.  Gain knowledge and understanding with respect to the history and experiences of Indigenous Peoples in Canada; participate in an experiential learning exercise to better understand basic facts about Canada’s history of colonization, the Indian Act, Indian Residential Schools, and inter-generational trauma; understand the purpose of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission;  understand complexities related to Indigenous inclusion in decision-making contexts; and discuss and define strategies and activities related to Indigenous inclusion and the relevant Calls to Action.
  • Brave, Honest Conversations: Bravely Leading Challenging Conversations: It’s time to build your leadership skills – to practice courage, compassion and responsibility for impact. When you build your capacity to lead others, groups and the world around you, you create the momentum for positive change and the opportunity to move from stuck to possible. Foundational to leading others is the ability to lead yourself, to practice courage, compassion and kindness for yourself, and to make choices that allow you to bring your best self to your work.
  • Facilitation Skills and Methods for Community Engagement:  This two-day workshop will focus on learning and practicing the skills and methods facilitators require to guide effective public meetings and consultations. The workshop contains a facilitator’s toolkit of seven facilitation methods. As a participant you will be provided with the opportunity to co-facilitate one of these methods in a small group setting during the workshop.
  • Designing for Diversity: Gain a deeper understanding of the “spectrum of diversity,” identifying and analyzing key stakeholders, skills and tools to design robust and inclusive engagement processes, guidance on how to develop a comprehensive and effective implementation plan using the right tools and techniques, and key learnings about rigorous P2 evaluation.
  • When Things Go Sideways: Uncover what’s driving emotion and outrage in P2 processes and discover what triggers these natural responses. Through exercises, discussion and multi-media presentation, participants will learn about AND PRACTICE highly effective, collaborative strategies to transform conflict and outrage and create an environment for constructive engagement.
  • Meaningful Tools Powerful Outcomes:  Fill your toolbox with some new, innovative and effective public engagement techniques that will help you host better, powerful conversations, achieve objectives and create momentum positive change. Techniques covered include:  Ideas Fair – get ready to take your open house to a whole new level, PhotoVoice & Story Telling; Socratic Circle and more.








IAP2 Prairies Chapter Board Members

We are pleased to announce the 2019 Board of Directors. Thank Denisa Gavan-Koop (Winnipeg); Natalie Henault (Winnipeg); Brad Novecosky (Saskatoon);  and Roslyn Kozak (Regina) for their time and dedication to the Prairie Chapter and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.  

Samantha Mark (Saskatoon) - IAP2 Prairies Chapter President, Training Committee

Samantha is a Regional and Community Planning Consultant with Prairie Wild Consulting Co. Samantha graduated with an honours degree from the Regional and Urban Planning Program at the University of Saskatchewan and has also obtained a Certificate in Group Facilitation from the University at the Center for Continuing and Distance Education. Samantha leads and co-leads on a number of different projects across Saskatchewan including working with a number of municipalities, regions and First Nation communities and organizations. Samantha provides facilitation and community engagement, policy writing and project management to a number of working groups within the west central area, eastern, and south eastern parts of the Province. This includes leading the process of developing a number of Official Community Plans, District Plans, Zoning Bylaws, Strategic Plans, development review responses, community engagement processes, facilitation, and other related work.

Lindsay Thompson (Winnipeg) - IAP2 Prairies Chapter Vice-president

For the past seven years, as an Environmental Specialist for Manitoba Hydro, Lindsay has worked towards building strong collaborative relationships with Indigenous communities in Manitoba for transmission projects including the Bipole III Transmission Project, Manitoba-Minnesota Transmission Project and others. This  included working with communities to develop engagement plans and self-directed studies. She was also involved in the Aboriginal Engagement Advisory Group for IAP2. More recently,  Lindsay is  working on public engagement in the environmental assessment process. She holds a Masters of Natural Resources Management in 2009.

Lara Ludwig (Regina) - Chapter Treasurer

Lara loves talking with people and exchanging ideas. She has over 12 years experience implementing public participation/reputation goals for organizations in the health care, oil and gas, mining and electrical utility sectors. Lara's currently leading the public engagement and stakeholder consultation team for SaskPower. It's an important time for the industry of public participation. For Lara, IAP2 is an opportunity to meet professionals in other sectors who have inspiring experiences and stories to share.

Leanne Jarocki (Regina) - Chapter Secretary,  Membership and Outreach Committee

Leanne brings to the IAP2 Board of Directors nearly 20 years of experience in corporate communications, marketing, public relations and stakeholder engagement. As a member of SaskPower’s Public Engagement and Stakeholder Consultation team, Leanne leads and contributes to engagement and consultation activities associated with electricity generation and infrastructure as well as other SaskPower business projects and programs across the province. Leanne is a passionate supporter of IAP2 core values and applying those values to corporate decision making. She completed IAP2 Fundamentals in 2012 and Outrage Management training in 2018. She has a Business Education certificate from the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (now Saskatchewan Polytechnic) and a Public Relations Certificate from the University of Regina.

Colleen McMahon (Regina) - Chapter Communications 

Colleen is a currently a public engagement advisor in Government of Saskatchewan’s providing support to all  ministry engagement projects. Before joining the Government of Saskatchewan, Colleen worked for almost a decade in Crown corporations and the private sector in various marketing and communications roles. She holds a Master of Science in Market Research, a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan, and a Certificate in Public Relations from the University of Regina. She has also completed IAP2’s Foundations in Public Participation. Colleen is also co-chair of the Public Engagement and Dialogue Working Group, a forum for federal, provincial, and territorial governments collaboration for public engagement.

Brad Muller (Winnipeg) - Chapter Liaison, Membership and Outreach Committee

Brad’s experience and expertise includes research, analysis, public engagement and stakeholder relations with a focus on community development and Indigenous planning. After graduating with my Bachelor of Arts with a major in International Development Studies he continued to the University of Manitoba where I am currently completing the thesis component of my Master’s Degree in City Planning. During my academic career, I have worked in the not-for-profit industry in evaluation and policy at Food Matters Manitoba, Community Economic Development at the Spence Neighbourhood Association; research, planning and public engagement at CentreVenture Development Corporation (including the MarketLands project in Winnipeg this past summer); and currently in research and public engagement Blueprint Inc.

Lawrence Baschak - (Regina) Board Member

As a career public servant for close to 30 years, Lawrence is currently with the Strategic Planning and Performance Improvement Branch of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment. Areas of interest include corporate planning, reporting and performance as well as providing support to the Ministry in public service renewal, continuous business improvement and facilitation. His experience in public engagement and planning includes implementing public involvement policy and programs, facilitation of land use advisory committees in northern Saskatchewan and training in group facilitation.

Maggie Bratland - (Winnipeg) Board Member, Membership and Outreach Committee

With over 20 years experience in policy and environmental management, Maggie has worked for the past 7 years in her role as a Senior Environmental Specialists at Manitoba Hydro to integrate public, stakeholder and indigenous perspectives into planning and assessing the effects of transmission line developments. She manages engagement and communication along the full Project timeline – from early design to planning to construction and monitoring. She enjoys the diverse experiences and perspectives that IAP2 members bring to the table and the new ideas that spark from every conversation.

Sarah Collins (Regina) - Board Member


Crista Gladstone (Winnipeg) -  Board Member, Membership and Outreach Committee


Janna Sampson (Saskatoon) - Board Member, Events Committee

Janna holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Marketing) from the University of Saskatchewan and has 20 years of marketing, advertising and communications experience. She is currently the Director, Marketing & Communications with  Saskatoon Public Library. In her career, she has been able to experience first-hand the power of public participation and engagement and is energized by opportunities to build the Saskatoon community.

Paul Spasoff (Regina) - Board Member


Katie Suek (Saskatoon) - Board Member, Membership and Outreach Committee

Katie Suek is a Public Engagement Consultant with the City of Saskatoon. She has 12 years of combined  public and regulatory engagement experience in the municipal, community and consulting sectors and specializes in  environmental planning and Indigenous engagement. She holds a B.A. Hons  degree with a major in cultural anthropology and a Master’s degree in Sustainable Environmental Management from the University of Saskatchewan. Katie has been a member of IAP2 since 2011 and is currently completing the second year of her second term as a member of the Prairie Chapter board of directors.

Leah Goodwin (Regina) - Deputy Board Member, Training Committee

Leah is a Senior Communications Specialist, Engagement at the City of Regina. As a career-long public consultation practitioner, I continue to seek out ways to improve conversations with citizens and stakeholders.

Christine Markel (Regina) - Deputy Board Member


Shawn Silzer (Regina) - Deputy Board Member, Events Committee

Shawn’s career – which includes work in the public and private sectors in both Canada and the US – has seen him develop experience in customer experience and corporate strategy, business process management, marketing /communications, change management, project management, and stakeholder facilitation. Shawn has served on the Regina Board of the International Association of Business Communicators, is certified with the Customer Experience Professionals Association, has earned his Hammer business process mastery, and is a Prosci Change Management Professional.


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