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Public participation (P2) and engagement practitioners are a diverse community of professionals, citizens, academics, and decision-makers committed to involving the public in decisions that affect them. This is what we did in 2023 to help support our community.

Guided By Passionate Leadership

About IAP2 Canada - Who We Are

2023 Year by the Numbers

Year in Review: Highlights from 2023


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Guided By Passionate Leadership

Rajvir Rao, President

A few words from the President

"As we move forward, our focus remains steadfast on empowering individuals and communities to participate in decisions that affect them. We are committed to broadening our reach, enhancing our programs, and reinforcing our position as a leader in public participation."

As we reflect on the past year and forge ahead with our plans for the future, I am delighted to share the progress and achievements of IAP2 Canada. Our mission to promote and improve the practice of public participation continues to resonate across the country, reinforced by the unwavering commitment and enthusiasm of our members and partners.

This year has been a significant one for IAP2 Canada. We proudly count over a thousand members who share a common dedication to enhancing public engagement practices. Your active participation and support are what drive our success and impact.

We reached notable milestones in our training and professional development programs. Over the course of the year, we delivered 120 training sessions, equipping professionals across various sectors with the tools and skills necessary to facilitate effective and inclusive engagements. These professional development offerings in combination with our learning webinars and Community of Practice meetings continued to flourish, collectively drawing over 2300 event registrations. These platforms not only help in sharpening our skills but also in fostering a collaborative environment where ideas and best practices can be exchanged freely.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the upcoming North American Conference, set to take place in Ottawa this October. This event promises to be a cornerstone for furthering our advocacy for meaningful public participation. It will provide an unparalleled opportunity to connect directly with our membership and engage in rich, productive dialogues. We anticipate a gathering that not only explores the depths of our field but also inspires and equips participants to elevate their practice.

As we move forward, our focus remains steadfast on empowering individuals and communities to participate in decisions that affect them. We are committed to broadening our reach, enhancing our programs, and reinforcing our position as a leader in public participation.

I thank each of you for your ongoing commitment to IAP2 Canada and to the field of public participation. Your involvement is essential as we continue to grow and evolve.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Ottawa and to another year of shared successes and new opportunities.

A few words from the Executive Director

"Our commitment to advancing the practice of public participation has never been stronger. "

As the Interim Executive Director of IAP2 Canada, I am thrilled to present our 2023 Annual Report, which showcases a year of remarkable achievements and resilience. This year, we focused on expanding our reach and enhancing the quality of our offerings, particularly through the launch and promotion of our new training courses.

Our commitment to advancing the practice of public participation has never been stronger. Our team has had a busy year introducing and promoting new training from our Global Learning Pathway, as well as several additional training options, that have been met with enthusiasm by practitioners and organizations across Canada. These courses, designed with both new and experienced practitioners in mind, provide practical tools and insights that are critical for effective public participation and engagement in today’s complex landscape.

The success of these programs is a testament to our community's dedication and passion for meaningful public participation. We've seen an increase in membership engagement, with more members than ever before participating in our events, workshops, and chapters. This active involvement enriches our community, allowing for a diverse exchange of ideas and best practices.

As we reflect on the past year, we are filled with gratitude for the support and commitment of our members, partners, and staff. Your contributions have been invaluable in achieving our goals. Looking ahead, we are excited about the opportunities to further our mission and impact.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Together, we are shaping the future of public participation.

Anne Harding, CP3, Interim Executive Director

Who We Are

Inspiring better decision together.

What does IAP2 Canada do?

Public participation (P2) is about engaging with the public during the decision-making process, benefiting from their diverse ideas, views and concerns, and using that information to make better decisions. As the leading membership organization for P2 and engagement professionals in Canada, we inspire innovation that changes millions of lives for the better and advocate for P2 and engagement in Canada and around the world.

P2 practitioners are a diverse community of professionals, citizens, academics, and decision-makers committed to involving the public in decisions that affect them. We help practitioners take meaningful action toward real-life challenges in P2 and engagement, deliver results that matter, and implement transformational change that lasts.

View a short history of IAP2 Canada

Our Vision

Canadians are meaningfully engaged in decisions that affect them by way of purposeful public participation.

Our Mission

IAP2 Canada advances effective public participation practice and supports practitioners. We carry out our mission according to the 2021-24 Strategic Plan.

2023 Year by the Numbers


members in 2023


training Sessions in P2


online learning webinars


event registrations


new training courses launched

Year in Review: Highlights from 2023

Empowering our Team for Success

    • Brought on board a Training and Professional Development Coordinator to fuel our training programs forward, alongside a Member Experience and Administrative Coordinator to provide operational support.
    • Underwent an operational overhaul to streamline processes and increase productivity
    • Strengthened the IAP2 Canada board with the addition of 4 new directors and a new President, injecting new perspectives and diversity into our community.

    None of this would be possible without the dedication of over 150 volunteers, whose invaluable contributions drive our organization's mission forward.

    Reflecting on IAP2 Canada's Successful Inaugural Year of our P2 Learning Pathway

    IAP2 Canada is proud to reflect on an incredibly successful first year of the newly launched IAP2 Canada Learning Pathway. With a steadfast commitment to elevating the field of public participation, we have diligently worked to offer a comprehensive schedule of core training, electives, and additional training options throughout the year. Our efforts have positioned IAP2 Canada as the leading region in delivering an unprecedented amount of training from the IAP2 International Global Learning Pathway. This achievement underscores our role in shaping professionals who excel in fostering meaningful community engagement and participation, crucial elements in community decision-making processes that influence policies and projects impacting daily life.

    The Core of IAP2's Training: The Global Learning Pathway

    Central to our training offerings is the IAP2 Global Learning Pathway, a robust program designed to arm individuals engaged in public participation with essential skills and knowledge for orchestrating effective community engagement efforts. The curriculum spans a broad range of topics, from foundational principles of public engagement to sophisticated conflict resolution strategies, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application to ensure learners are primed to make a significant impact in their communities and workplaces.

    Certification in Public Participation: Elevating Professional Standards

    A distinctive feature of our program is the opportunity to earn a valued certificate in Public Participation (P2) upon completing the core training. This certificate not only signifies a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of effective public engagement but also serves as a testament to the holder’s commitment to fostering genuine community dialogue and involvement. It opens doors to advanced learning opportunities and is a mark of professional achievement recognized across sectors.

    Beyond the Basics: Elective Courses and Advanced Learning

    In addition to the core curriculum, IAP2 Canada offers a range of elective courses, each designed to delve deeper into the nuances of effective public engagement. These electives are also accessible to alumni of the IAP2 Foundations program through a simple bridging process, making the pathway to advanced learning both convenient and flexible. These courses complement the core Global Learning Pathway, tailored to meet individual career goals and interests, and present an unparalleled opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, tackle real-world challenges, and enhance your skill set in public participation.

    Through our dedication to the IAP2 Learning Pathway, IAP2 Canada is not merely providing training; we are nurturing a community of champions equipped to lead impactful public participation and engagement initiatives. Our work over the past year has fortified our standing as an essential resource for individuals dedicated to enhancing community dialogue and involvement, ensuring that the principles of effective public participation are more accessible and influential than ever.

    Learn more about the learning pathway

    Shaping a Brighter Future for our Community

    In 2023 we are proud to have:

    • Expanded our team with the addition of two more staff members, dedicated to enriching our training offerings and bolstering member support.
    • Continue to broaden our educational reach through 4 new training courses, including 1 offering in French
    • Successfully launched and filled two cohorts of the Indigenous Awareness Learning Program both of which sold out, and one that exceeded goal registrations (20 and 26 participants)
    • Created a new "Community" section of the website to foster engagement and offer more value including; Member Zone, Chapters, Communities of Practice, Volunteer Opportunities
    • Offered online learning through 6 sessions of the popular Digital Discovery Workshop Series and 3 webinars
    • Increased website usability and accessibility to ensure that all potential users, including people with disabilities, have a good and inclusive user experience and are able to easily access our information
    • Continued partnerships with esteemed trainers, ensuring top-tier participation and engagement training for all

    Research That Matters

    The IAP2 Canada Research Committee works hard to help members better understand current public participation and engagement activities in Canada.

    Research is focused on identifying trends, best practices and areas of innovation, and evaluating current research and publications to identify opportunities for partnership and collaboration.

    In 2023, the Committee commissioned two reports:

    Access more P2 resources

    Our Impact: Featured Programs & Initiatives

    A path toward reconciliation

    In recent years, IAP2 Canada brought together Indigenous and non-Indigenous P2 and engagement professionals to reflect on its past, present, and future commitment to Truth, reconciliation and Indigenous inclusion. The strategic path that emerged in 2023 from the task force is grounded in both historical awareness and contemporary action and signals a shift for the organization, highlighting its dedication to facilitating meaningful change within public participation and self-determination principles.

    Learn more about IAP2 Canada’s Framework for Supporting Reconciliation

    Celebrating excellence, quality and innovation

    The Sea2City Design Challenge, an ambitious and groundbreaking initiative led by the City of Vancouver, has made waves in the world of coastal planning and design. Over the course of 12 months, this collaborative effort tackled pressing issues such as rising sea levels, ecological revitalization, urban development, decolonization, and reconciliation with Host Nations, with a specific focus on Vancouver's False Creek shoreline. In 2023, the project received two prestigious awards: the IAP2 Canada Indigenous Engagement Award and the IAP2 International Project of the Year Award.

    Read all about it!   View all 2023 Recipients

    Empowering Voices: Promoting the Value of Effective P2

    To continue to elevate our leadership in public participation (P2) and raise awareness about participatory processes, our new "What is P2?" section on our website sheds light on the essence and critical importance of P2. This segment explains how P2 harnesses a diverse range of public insights to enhance decision-making and outlines who is involved—from professionals to citizens and organizations across the globe. Additionally, the section highlights how effective P2 practices foster inclusivity, improve outcomes, and build trust in public decision processes, guided by the IAP2 Spectrum which emphasizes informing, consulting, involving, collaborating, and empowering the public. 

    Learn more!

    Pillars of Support

    Our Volunteers

    A Tribute to Our Volunteers: The Heart of IAP2 Canada