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Why Join IAP2 Canada?

Membership in IAP2 Canada offers many benefits. If you want an answer to the question "Why should I join IAP2 -what's in it for me?" the findings of the 2017 Membership Survey can help.

IAP2 Canada members identified three key reasons for being part of the organization:

The credibility and recognition of belonging to IAP2 Canada

  • "IAP2 sets [and] raises the standards of our profession."
  • "I think you do great work for the profession and I feel like I get good value."
  • "Very hands-on guides, lunch-and-learn events in my city, materials I could use to educate others in my organization about P2 and why it works."

Access to professional development / best practices resources

  • "Training through IAP2 is some of the best I've come across due to the material and strong facilitators."
  • "I have been a mentor and I think the program is great -- for the protégé(e) and the mentor."
  • "The webinars are informative. Membership has incredible value."
  • "The Foundations and Tools training provided a very rich learning experience."

Networking and connecting with other P2 practitioners

  • "The Conference is excellent and the best opportunity out there to meet like-minded professionals."
  • "High calibre and people willing to push the boundary of the field."
  • "An incredibly talented and diverse array of P2 professionals is a click away from your home of office."
  • "The supportive environment built around each program and initiative; it feels like a community."

Convinced now? Click here to start the process of joining. Find out more about the membership benefits here. You can join IAP2 Canada as an individual, a student or in a group bundle in your place of work. Learn about the membership types here.

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