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What are the IAP2 Core Values Awards?

The IAP2 Core Values Awards are another way to help raise the bar in the field of public engagement: a friendly competition to encourage new approaches and innovative uses of existing ones. Each year, IAP2 and its affiliates around the world recognize leaders in the profession; in 2014, IAP2 Canada inaugurated its own Core Values Awards.

The awards go to projects which best demonstrate IAP2's Core Values and P2 professionals can learn from one another and be inspired to keep raising their own standards.

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Core Values Awards!

National Awards

  • Organization of the Year
  • Research Project of the Year
  • Project of the Year (selected from the Project Awards, below)
Project Awards
  • Indigenous Engagement
  • P2 for the Greater Good
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Extending the Practice through Creativity, Contribution and Innovation in the Field

Visual Engagement Award

The Visual Engagement Award is an award, in coordination with the Dazzling Notice Awards. The Visual Engagement Award recognizes creativity and innovation in P2 communications:
  • How did you invite the public to learn about the project?
  • How were people kept informed throughout the process?
  • How did you report out to participants?

2020 Award Winners

Each year, IAP2 Canada presents the Core Values Awards, honouring the “best of the best” in public engagement. Due to travel and gathering restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Core Values Awards Gala was adapted to an online celebration, via Zoom.  

Meet the 2020 Winners

Learn about the winners from previous years: 20192018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014.      

2019 Judges

Susanna Haas Lyons

Susanna is a civic engagement specialist, who designs participation strategies, facilitates complex meetings and provides training for better conversations between the public and decision makers.


Mireille Brosseau

Mireille dedicates her professional life to strengthening connections between those who experience, organize and provide healthcare services so that collective efforts improve who we are, what we do and how we progress on our health improvement journeys.

Jane Newlands

Jane is a Senior Vice President at Argyle, one of Canada’s largest engagement and communication firms, with full-time employees in seven Canadian cities. At Argyle, she leads a national team of engagement specialists with the belief that meaningful engagement is grounded in inclusivity, values and respectful dialogue.

  • Belinda Boyd

  • Belinda is Principal of Spectrum Engagement Consulting. She has over 15 years of experience in patient and family engagement. As the current president of the IAP2 B.C. and Yukon Chapter, Belinda is committed to the principles of meaningful and purposeful engagement to support better decisions in healthcare.

    Belinda formerly was Leader, Community Engagement, at Vancouver (BC) Coastal Health, specializing in Patient Public Engagement (PPE), ensuring a voice for people most affected by changes or decisions. On her watch, VCH received numerous Core Values Awards, including Organization of the Year (2006), Creativity and Innovation, and Project of the Year (2014), and P2 for the Greater Good (2016). 

Anne Harding

Anne is a former president of IAP2 Canada, recipient of the 2015 Core Values Award for P2 for the Greater Good and a Certified Public Participation Professional (CP3). Her specialties include the energy industry and Indigenous engagement.

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