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Our Board

Precious Ile

British Columbia / Colombie-Britannique

My vision of meaningful engagement is one that is community-centered, community-driven, equitable, responsive and leads to sustainable decisions and positive change. My vision aligns with IAP2’s Core Values and stems from my expertise in Community Development. COVID-19 has led to global disruptions and will influence P2’s future directions. P2’s future is also shaped by trends and shifts in technological advancements, intergenerational shifts, socioeconomic and political factors. I think the field of P2 will shift towards:

  • increased use of collaborative digital tools and technologies
  • increased virtual engagement due to learnings from COVID-19 rapid adaptations
  • more calls for advocacy to advance meaningful, equitable engagement
  • navigating shifts in public expectations on how people want to engage (e.g. having more say) and
  • innovative ways to lead through P2 in times of crisis and
  • uncertainty IAP2 can play a key role as a thought leader and innovator in this global shift.

I have governance experiences on a Board of Directors, seven years’ combined experience working in the nonprofit and educational sectors, background in community development and certification in project management. My intersectional identities as a Black immigrant female youth offer diversity of thought in advocating for more inclusive leadership opportunities for youth, emerging P2 practitioners and marginalized communities. I am completing my Masters in Community Development at the University of Victoria while working full time as an Educator at Simon Fraser University, volunteering as Chair of IAP2’s Youth Engagement Network (YEN), CityHive’s Board of Directors and Chair of Coast Capital Savings Regional Youth Get It Community Council.

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