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Young Professionals Community of Practice

IAP2’s Young Professionals Community of Practice (CoP) is a community of P2 practitioners who are committed to sharing and advancing their P2 knowledge with other young professionals. 

The CoP brings together like-minded P2 practitioners every few months to share stories, challenges, opportunities, and wisdom with each other and invited guests. 

The CoP has four meetings each year. Each meeting is based around a specific theme that’s chosen in advance, and CoP members take turns facilitating discussion.

Become a Community of YPN Member

As a CoP YPN member you will have an interest in P2. You will be a part of a group who share experiences, challenges and opportunities related to meaningful engagement in Canada and the USA. Please consult the CoP YPN Description (2021).

If you’re an IAP2 Canada member who has recently started your career and would like to join the CoP, please send us an email (info@iap2canada.ca) to get more information. 

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