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The IAP2 Canada Research Committee

Call for 2018 White Papers - DEADLINE EXTENDED to Sept. 30, 2018

The IAP2 Canada Research Committee is seeking Expression of Interests from members to produce two white papers. The topics are:

  1. Provide tools and techniques that support the achievement of equity and align communication in community representation with diverse audiences, including non-English speakers; and
  2. Explore methods to evaluate the ROI of P2 to increase executive support and strengthen participation processes globally.

Read the EOI here.

The purpose of each white paper is to inform members in a concise format about the topic. The length of each white paper should be 1,500 – 2,500 words. Writers will be asked to integrate academic research (paying particular attention to seminal and contemporary work on the topic) and case studies relevant to the topic to help readers understand the subject and, based on the academic research and application in practice to advocate solutions to challenges encountered in the practice of public participation of public participation in Canada. Writers might be required to join IAP2 Research Committee meeting periodically and report progress of paper. A member of the committee will be assigned to each writer to liaise with the committee on progress.

Project timeline: Applications must be submitted by September 30, 2018, and the successful proponent will be assigned October 10. The final date to complete the white paper will be November 30, 2018. Contact info@iap2canada.ca for information on applying.

What is the IAP2 Canada Research Committee?

The IAP2 Canada Research Committee works to help members better understand current public participation activities in Canada. Various engagement efforts with members found a need to increase access to research journals, training (including workshops) and training manuals; and to develop mechanisms for knowledge transfer among cross-disciplinary organizations.

Research is focused on identifying trends, best practices and areas of innovation, as well as evaluating current research and publications for the purpose of identifying opportunities for partnership and collaboration. In 2014, the Research Committee produced its first Research Initiative Report, which included an environmental scan and the State of the Practice survey report. These documents, which helped develop the 2015-17 IAP2 Canada Strategic Plan, are in the process of being updated.

In 2016, the Research Committee surveyed members across the country on their needs and expectations for the organization. The results of the survey are now available in this document, and IAP2 members may view the special webinar of Tuesday September 12, 2016, here.

Among the Research Committee's other activities include "TLDR" (Too Long - Didn't Read), summaries of P2-related articles and papers. As well, the Committee is currently preparing an online library of work for members to access, which is expected to be available soon.

The Research Committee also commissions White Papers -- currently at the rate of two per year. The following White Papers are currently available for downloading:

Two more White Papers will be produced in 2018 (see above).

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