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Member Benefits and Services

One of the biggest benefits of being a member of IAP2 is summed up by one longtime member: "the chance to hang out with other P2 folks". As the pre-eminent organization for public participation and public engagement in Canada, IAP2 Canada offers a unique opportunity to meet, communicate with and share "war stories" with others who "get" P2 - both across Canada and around the world.

A Connected Community

  • IAP2 Canada members are connected to national and international experts and are recognized as specialist practitioners by government and industry.
  • Members get discounted rates at the annual IAP2 North American Conference, as well as at events and professional development sessions across Canada.
  • The monthly newsletter keeps members abreast of what's happening in the industry across the nation.

Professional Development and Certification

  • Each month IAP2 Canada, in partnership with IAP2 USA, present Learning Webinars covering diverse topics. These webinars are free to IAP2 members, and recordings and collateral material are available online for those who want to review them or who couldn't make it to the live session.
  • Training opportunities (with licensed P2 trainers) are available at various times and places across the country, in Foundations of Public Participation and Strategies for Dealing with Opposition and Outrage in Public Participation (formerly called "Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation").
  • The IAP2 Skills Symposium is a week long immersion in public participation, offering courses in a variety of areas that grow and expand your P2 skill-set.
  • Members can apply to be certified, and earn the designation CP3 (Certified Public Participation Professional), indicating that they meet internationally-recognized standards.
  • IAP2 provides to the latest in research to help design the most appropriate P2 process for your particular work.

Industry Leadership

  • The IAP2 Core Values Awards are an annual showcase of the best in P2 in a variety of fields.
  • The annual IAP2 North American Conference is an opportunity to learn new skills and gain insights on a wide range of topics from experts from Canada, the USA and around the world. The Conference is also an opportunity to present your own session and to meet and share with other P2 professionals, face-to-face. 

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