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Communities of Practice

IAP2 Canada Communities of Practice

At IAP2 Canada, we believe that public participation is a critical component of decision-making. To support and enhance the practice of public participation, we have established Communities of Practice where like-minded professionals can come together to learn, share, and grow.

What Are Communities of Practice?

Communities of Practice are informal groups of individuals who share a common interest or passion and come together to learn, collaborate, and exchange knowledge. In the context of IAP2 Canada, our Communities of Practice are created for our members and focused on advancing public participation as a practice and profession. Not yet a member? Join IAP2 Canada today!

Join a Community

The Communities of practice are open to IAP2 members only, so if you want to join an upcoming meeting, sign in to your account and register through our upcoming events page!

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Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

Indigenous Engagement

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North American Energy Sector

Young Professionals

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Why Join Our Communities of Practice?

✨ Exclusive Learning: Access top-tier guests who will share their stories and expertise. Be at the forefront of industry trends and discussions.

✨ Inclusive Leadership: Take your passion for change to the next level by actively contributing to shaping public participation and engagement activities in your communities. Your voice matters in advancing meaningful change across Canada.

✨ Diverse Mentorship: Benefit from the knowledge of seasoned professionals while also gaining insights from early career practitioners. It's a two-way street of growth and development.

International Communities

We have also joined efforts with our friends at IAP2 Australasia, where we will be sharing our Communities of Practice (CoP).

The IAP2 Australasia Communities of Practice are:

  • Emergency Management

  • Health Services

  • Infrastructure

  • Environment and Sustainability

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