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IAP2 Canada, in partnership with IAP2 USA, holds monthly learning webinars, covering a range of topics of interest to P2 practitioners. These are free for members and just $50 for non-members, and access to the IAP2 Webinar archive is a benefit exclusive to members.

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Denver Encore: "Our Community Could Blow Up. Do We Have Time For Some Quick Consultation?"

In October, 2012, in Minden, Louisiana, something went "BOOM!" in the night. Was it aliens? Fracking? A supersonic boom from Barksdale? It was part of a cache of millions of pounds of aging and unstable explosives, stored at the US Army Camp Minden. And there was a lot more, stored illegally and unsafely. The Environmental Protection Agency was called in and determined to go with "Best Practice" -- open burning. This time, the fireworks came from the community, concerned about more explosions, pollution from the burn and a number of other down-sides. Kristi Celico and Doug Sarno, MCP3, were called in to facilitate a process that brought together technical experts and the community to come up with their own Best Practice.

View the webinar here.

Watch the video of a song, written and produced specially for the issue, here.

Download their PowerPoint deck here.

2017 Core Values Awards - Project Categories, part 1

Catherine Rockandel of Rockandel and Associates in Vancouver won the IAP2 Canada award for "Respect for Diversity, Inclusion and Culture" for a project involving the Richmond School District and possible school closures. Compounding matters were a number of language barriers and new Canadians who came from cultures where governments and other official entities were not trusted. She's joined by Camille Morse Nicholson of the Jefferson Center in Minnesota, which held "Rural Climate Dialogues", which won the award for Creativity and Innovation for bringing rural communities together to discuss climate change problems and solutions. These communities had long felt locked out of the conversation by urban and suburban interests.

Watch the webinar here.

Download the Rockandel & Associates slide deck here.

Download the Jefferson Center slide deck here and find more information about the Rural Climate Dialogues here.

Watch the Rockandel/Richmond School District video (from the Core Values Awards Gala) here.

Watch the Jefferson Center video here.

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