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Écoutez nos CP3 : Des histoires vraies, des succès réels

Découvrez les expériences transformatrices de nos Professionnels Certifiés de la Participation Publique (CP3). Ces témoignages de divers professionnels dans le domaine offrent un aperçu de la manière dont la désignation CP3 a amélioré leur carrière, élargi leurs réseaux et approfondi leur impact dans les communautés.

Natalie Henault, BESc, CP3

Conseiller en Relations d'Emploi Autochtone

Hydro Manitoba

“I always find value in helping clients understand the engagement journey and seeing how it can change the way they approach decision-making. I believe that my CP3 professional designation gives them an assurance that they are selecting a professional that has gone through training, a rigorous assessment process and comes with a portfolio of unique project experiences. It has helped me lead the design and implementation of engagement plans that focus on the participants, and that’s what is most meaningful to me.”

Tracey Ehl, PhD, CPF, MCP3, MCIP, RPP


Ehl Harrison Consulting Inc.

“Participating in the CP3 process gave me the opportunity to think about and document my engagement practice, including the approaches and techniques that I used, in the context of a set of globally developed core competencies. The process was very collaborative and I received valuable guidance from both assessors and the rest of our cohort to refine and improve my practice. It is great to see recognition of the designation growing in proposals and career opportunities.”

Trevor Joyal, CP3

Senior Technical Advisor – Engagement

Maskwa Environmental Consulting Ltd.

“The CP3 process helped me understand my strengths and assisted in identifying some weaknesses that I have been working on to be a better practitioner to work with public. The process made me reflect on my career and where I want it to go – it has made me more cognizant of the importance our field has in decision making.”

Kathryn Nairne, CP3


David Nairne + Associates Ltd.

“The CP3 process was rigorous and I didn’t make it through the case study the first time. I almost gave up. I am so glad that with the support of other CP3s and IAP2, I stuck with it. My CP3 is a credential I am incredibly proud of. It is formal recognition of my expertise in public engagement and has provided additional work opportunities and contracts for me.”

Shawn Bravender CP3, RPP, MCIP, CET

Chef de l'Engagement Communautaire - Ouest du Canada

Responsable National, Engagement Public & Facilitation Centre d'Excellence


“Undertaking and completing the process to be professionally designated as a CP3 is one of the best steps I have made in my career. I am proud of and grateful for the experience and the designation. The doors it has opened and the reflection of my talents and skills are second to none!”

Catherine Rockandel, CP3

Rockandel & Associates

“Given the engagement profession is not regulated, the CP3 designation verifies that I possess the necessary competencies and experience valued by my clients. The rigorous professional evaluation provides assurance that I am skilled at identifying community interests, developing meaningful engagement consultation strategies and plans, and utilizing appropriate engagement tools and techniques that align with organizational objectives and budgetary constraints.”

Kirsty Neill, CP3

Public Engagement Advisor

"Obtaining my CP3 was a rigorous and rewarding experience. Having acquired my CP3, I have seen that evaluation and assessment by my P2 peers translate into increased confidence by my work colleagues in my ability to design and lead public participation. I have begun seeing the CP3 designation called out as a preferred qualification in job descriptions and in Requests for Proposals by public sector agencies across Canada. In my own experience, both my employers and client teams recognize that holding my CP3 designation signifies demonstrated expertise to undertake meaningful public engagement, and adapt P2 plans to evolving conditions, through the assessment of my experience, training, and the observed application of my skills."

Pierre Guillot-Hurtubise, CP3

Vice-président principal, Affaires publiques et acceptabilité sociale


“Obtenir la certification CP3 m’a véritablement permis de me distinguer sur le marché québécois de la participation publique, tout en crédibilisant encore davantage l’offre de service de NATIONAL à cet égard. Définitivement un GROS + qui vaut bien l’effort consenti!”

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