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Conference Board of Canada receives International Core Value Award for Research

27 Oct 2022 10:38 AM | Anonymous

Engaging the public as a project is being developed is one thing; but how to track the engagement and monitor it over time is still an issue. A tool for helping to guide more effective community engagement planning took one of the top honours in the 2022 IAP2 Canada Core Values Award and has now received top honours from IAP2 International.

IAP2 International announced yesterday, at the IAP2 Australasian conference in Melbourne, Australia that the Conference Board of Canada received the IAP2 International Research Award for their project “Empowering Communities to Monitor Major Projects in Impact Assessments”, in which an Engagement Indicators Playbook was developed. The Board’s researchers recognized a need for a tool to help plan and sustain public participation and Indigenous engagement processes, in view of the growing influence of gender, equity, Indigenous reconciliation, climate action, and sustainability on engagement. 

The Playbook, its guidance, and its indicators, were developed through an iterative and participatory research process led by a research team, Colin Brown, Marta Bristow, Gillian Kerr, and Twiladawn Stonefish, from May 2021 to February 2022.

Learn more at https://www.conferenceboard.ca/focus-areas/sustainability/community-engagement-indicators

The award winners represent best practice in the field of public participation and serve as model of excellence for others to emulate. Winners and finalists are recognized for their contributions to the field in the areas of indigenous engagement, community development, health, infrastructure, environment, disaster and emergency services as well as for their creativity, innovation and inclusion. This is a testament to the tremendous expansion, professionalism, and impact of our field of expertise.

Finalists for the ’best of the best‘ international awards were gathered from entries submitted by IAP2 Regions in Australasia, Canada, and United States.

Source: International Association for Public Participation (IAP2)

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